Thursday, 24 January 2013

Drawing back from the edge.

Cloth in pencil, by Julie Douglas. Moleskine sketch book
Last term I started my Masters-Mistress at college
Studying Multidisciplinary Design means that all students come from different disciplines, and we each carve our own individual path to our personal goals, although we attend workshops together. The advantages of this varied group of students is incredible - we have huge skills between us and are constantly helping each other with things, as it seems the easiest and most obvious way forward.
In fact, Collaboration seems to be the only way, both in the creative workplace and in any business setting where the business hopes to expand or even just to survive. Puts a whole new perspective on the phrase 'I know a man who Can'.

The work is stretching and rewarding but absorbs hours like a sponge. So to do the Masters I knew that something in my routine would have to 'give'. And that something was time at my drawing board.


Now, to a certain degree this is FINE, particularly as I made that decision. Creativity has many forms. However, I have got so much college work done that I can now get back to the desk. Which is so much easier to say than to Do. The next discipline, then, is to actually get to the desk (and not because its covered in paper and files). The Habit has to be carefully reformed. Or perhaps less carefully and more CONSCIOUSLY.

My desk is in a sunroom at the back of the house, and at this time of year, its a fridge. So, any old table will do. The next mental hurdle (for it's all in the mind), is Time. My artworks are demanding of time and effort (What? Did you think it was easy?! There's a good reason for all those corny sayings like 'Suffer for your art'.. ) and so, like preparing for the marathon, small steps of preparation are needed. But they may not be what you expect them to be. Here's my list of kick-starter steps

1. A commitment to another person.

2. A commitment to yourself.

3. A determination to not give up (it takes a lot of self motivation to be self motivated...)

4. Forgiveness

5. Praise

6. Acknowledgement

7, 8, 9, 10. Humour.

11. A mantra to say in your head.. Mine is 'stay in your chair, stay in your chair..' - if I get up, the spell is broken.

So, here comes the sketch book, oh joy.

Mushroom on tinted card, colour pencil & pastel pencil, Julie Douglas
its also important NOT to be Tidy (if tidying is a way of avoiding sitting to work). Draw amidst the chaos and Order will appear.

The best way to stop myself knitting was to draw it.... 
Cable pattern, pen, by Julie Douglas
Pen is a good idea too, as rubbing out isn't an option - Draw on regardless.

Sometimes, a doodle turns into a drawing - usually, as in the case below, on the back of something else..
Although this is rough, each drawing is leading into the next, until the finger-tips drawing, which begins to look more confident. Tip - don't judge your work, just draw ON.

And soon, a new Habit emerges...

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