Friday, 1 February 2013

Loving my sketch book. Water colour.

The thing about the Sketch book is - well, there are lots of Things. Every sketch book is completely unique and you can't do it wrong (unless you don't do one at all). It's a bit of a sanctuary, a safe place, a starting point. A place to be free and to try, to make a mess and not mind. Making a mess is rather rewarding. Being PREPARED to make a mess means we're less likely to. 
The sketch book is also a working-out place, as well as keeper of doodles and notes. Its brilliant for warming up or for keeping your hand/eye in. And for keeping your sanity. Perhaps that's it - it's your foot on the ground, while the rest of you floats about. What a lovely thought. 
Bunch of bananas, water colour and pencil, moleskine sketch book, Julie Douglas
 I sent the above banana painting out in a recent email to students and one reply said 'the bananas actually look happy..'


Liz's beetroot, water colour in Moleskine sketchbook, Julie Douglas. Unfinished and not minding. 
Next up - Oil painting workshop, Belfast. Email for info

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