Saturday, 5 January 2013

Christmas Snowmen 'Awards', and Angels

I know it's not Christmas any more, but we haven't quite reached the 'Twelfth Day', so just time to share the Snowman series that is evolving. I got some lovely cards, and the Best Original Artwork this year was from 9 year old Jack Flanagan, the son of a student of mine in Killaloe, of his drawing of...

Jack Flanagan, aged 9, Killaloe

Then there was my 'Best Card from a Student', which cheered me so much. On the envelope (which was left quietly in the kitchen for me to find later), written very large, was the word 'Teacher'.  This, from a student who is no younger than myself, but obviously just as young at heart!

This Happy Snowman below is my favourite of all time, for its lovely drawing, and perfect words.

When I was putting the decorations on the Christmas Tree, this fellow was once again waiting for his place. This snowman was made some time ago by my eldest son. Many of the ornaments on my tree are things the children made when they were very small - semi-shapeless 'lumps' covered in glitter, angels made from pasta etc. I wouldn't dream of putting them on a seperate tree - they all go on with the grown-up decorations, just where they should be.

Hand made by Christie

And these gorgeous Angels were made for me by Krystina Pomeroy, a lovely gift when she stayed with me during a workshop. They are made from old clothes pegs and are 'Domestic Goddess Angels', obviously.
The Baking Angel, cleaning Angel and Shopping Angel, by artist Krystina Pomeroy

These acts of thoughtfulness, and the hand of maker, particularly in these small things, are what Christmas is to me (as well as all the singing!).

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