Sunday, 26 August 2018

Angels in Belfast Academy of Realist, 2018

It's been a busy summer so far, and it's not over yet!

Currently I am thrilled to be hosting an 8 day workshop being given by Maestro John Angel. As I write, he is in the next room giving a demonstration and has just said  "don't be afraid to over-smooch, keep your edges soft..." This is his third visit to Belfast and, as one student said, he seems to be in his element here. He is in the studio all day, demonstrates morning and afternoon, works on his paintings all day, and visits each student at the easel to guide and advise.

Day 1, getting started

Plenty of room for everyone

First demonstration in the easels room

Maestro proving that you don't need fancy equipment! Chair-as-easel!

Demo day 2

Maestro guiding Carol

Gennie working on the master copy

Mark and Caroline working hard
Next week Paul Foxton is delivering a two day workshop on the Munsell Colour System and a little while after that PJ Lynch is returning for a three day workshop which we will teach together - more details about that coming soon.