Saturday, 9 January 2021

New Year, New Skills, New Sticking Power

I am about to start my new term, the start of a new year. While it is not always useful to look backwards, there were some positive things to be learnt from our creative experiences in 2020. I discovered, along with my students, just how successful teaching over Zoom really is. Having many years of teaching experience as a distance learning teacher for London Art College in the days before Zoom, I can really feel the difference. Now, we have a virtual classroom. Students engage with each other and can see each others progress, and share difficulties. My fears that the internet would not cope were largely unfounded.

(Above: lovely water colour by student Jeanette H.) 

Yes, lockdown has been draining. And perhaps this time, our resolve to Keep On Keeping On is to be even more seriously tested. I encourage you not to give up, but to embrace the skills we learn by drawing and painting, and remain connected to fellow creatives via our computers. It's not 'the same' as being in the studio - but it's still connection. As an artist, I discovered long ago the value of connecting with others. While the real process of painting is a solitary act, it is necessary to share the spark with like minded folk. 

(Above: lovely leaves by student Dawn J)

Feedback from students using Zoom has mostly been positive. Students find that they spend more time during the week working on their artwork, as the set-up is right there in front of them. Using What's App, they communicate with each other (but not overly!). The standard of work they produce has rocketed. Even though they may not realise that themselves. 

(Above: relaxed little studies by Sara C)

Classes cover observation drawing, pencil, pastels, pen and wash, water colour and some oils. I provide the topic each week, and we work from life as much as possible. If you would like a place on a weekly class, there are three morning and two evenings to choose from and you will recieve a warm welcome. No past experience necessary, just a desire to learn. All classes are fully tutored. 

For booking and fees information, please email