Friday, 18 January 2013

Hands in pen, Glass in Colour pencil and Pastel

So far this month my classes have been using pencil and pen, and next week we'll get back to some water colour. I decided to tackle two difficult subjects in one session - hands (which are not the easiest thing to draw, but better than feet!) and glass. In fact, nothing is easier or more difficult to draw than anything else, it is our perception that makes it seem that way. So, to make it more intense, we did hands in pen - no going back, only adding more!

Helena, student

Geraldine and Nisa, students
There was a mixed reaction when I said 'pen', but my students are so very well behaved that they just gulped and... JUMPED RIGHT IN! Excellent. I'll take more photos to add.
Linda A, student

Working like this for an hour, realizing that you can alter and change and 'correct' by adding more lines, not by rubbing out, simultaneously 'loosens' any anxieties you might have about tackling this subject (just the opposite of what you might expect) and gets you in the right frame of mind to move on to chalk pastels for a large study of glass. I am often asked how to draw glass, particularly by Distance Learning students. The answer is to place the glass into an environment of Colour. For this study I put the glasses onto a CD, two apparently colourless objects, but we ended up with the most amazing rainbow! (although you can't tell from the photos, none of the colours in the drawings were 'invented' - this is what we could see in the CD).

June and Helena, Students

Nisa and Geraldine

Jayne and Deirdre, students (work in progress)
I was so pleased that everyone believed what was in front of them. The studies were a mix of pastel with colour pencil - I discovered that colour pencil will actually 'smudge' along with pastel, in a way that it doesn't when used alone.

Next up: Portrait workshop, Intensive Portfolio Weekend, Children's classes.
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