Saturday, 5 January 2013

Busy holidays. Step by step oil painting

So I had two weeks off college, but that doesn't quite equate to two weeks OFF. No. I did some classes, got up to date with my Distance Learning crits, did The Christmas, got back to my drawing board and finished the tiny Mince Pie. I notice its taking a really long time to dry, for all the size of it. White paint is the culprit - slows the drying process. I put my thumb on the front of the star yesterday to 'make sure' it was dry to varnish, but no, oops - hope the thumbprint doesn't show through..!

stage 1
The first stage always looks terrible so I try to do this in the afternoon or evening, so its dry for the next day to crack on with the colour and more steady observation. This is on board, so needed 3 layers of paint.
blocking in more thickly
Working so small meant I was inclined to occassionally put my finger onto a wet patch. I ended up holding it in my hand to paint. It was lovely to be painting again - remembering the delicious sliding and slipping of different pigments, and nudging the paint around.

big for a mince pie, small for a painting!
The biggest thing to remember with this kind of painting is that more observation is needed with each layer - working from general to specific.

All done, albeit it a loose study, and I feel more human again, after a long absence from Painting. 
and also, between walks, I did a LOT of... knitting! The best things ever are these fingerless arm-length mitts, which keep my arms warm when I'm sitting drawing, very quick to knit.

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