Monday, 11 February 2019

Spring and Summer workshop timetable 2019

New dates for Spring and Summer Workshops.

April 6th & 7th - life drawing weekend with model.
This workshop will include some warm-up posed of 20 minutes, then a long pose to make the most of the time. Fully tutored, materials are provided. 10am - 5pm.
Cost £250

April 8th - 12th: Colour mixing: the Munsell Colour Method, with Paul Foxton.                      
Paul is one of only three people in the world who teach this, and he is looking forward to returning to Belfast to deliver this workshop. There are a couple of places remaining.
Cost: £600 (materials list provided)

April 22nd - 27th: Drawing and Oils workshop with Julie Douglas.
An extended version of last year's workshop, you will learn to take control of your drawing, learn how to create beautiful set-ups, paint a black and white and a full colour oil painting.
Cost: £600 (materials list provided)

July 19 - 23rd: Portfolio course suitable for college entry,
or to up the standard of your work in an intensive environment. This popular course is back due to demand! Drawing in various media, painting and colour work, project development and individual attention to enhance your skills.
Cost: £600 (materials list provided)

August 22 - 26th: Drawing and oils workshop with Julie Douglas
This workshop will improve your drawing skills using pencil, charcoal, and chalks, teach you how to create beautiful still life set-ups, and you will produce an oil painting based on one of your arrangements. This workshop is perfect for all levels of ability, and is an exellent warm-up/preparation for the oils workshop which directly follows, with Maestro John Angel.
Cost: £600 (materials list provided)

August 28th - September 5th: Oil painting like the Masters
A workshop delivered by the Maestro Michael John Angel, from the Angel Academy of Art, Florence. Details can be found here: