Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Apple a day...?

The consolation for it being the end of summer, is the start of a new term. With a mixture of new students and some who have attended for a while but who will be feeling rather rusty, it is a challenge to decide how to start everyone off, so that all are working on the same subject and feel equally challenged.
A little drawing in my moleskine to get the ball rolling.

So I returned to the power of Three. Choosing a small, uncomplicated object (an apple), and creating three versions in different media is a lovely way to get back into the swing of things - a bit of focus without the stress of making one 'perfect' image, but a page of study.

Glad to be at the drawing board!
 Here are some lovely student examples, and the term is started!
Sara C

Carolyn G

Jim H 

My youngest student, Sumathy, aged 8, from a summer workshop, showing her lovely artwork!