Sunday, 1 November 2020

NEW! A new six day online Still Life workshop with Maestro M John Angel

Dates: the first two weekends in December, Dec 4, 5, 6 and Dec 11, 12, 13th 10am - 4pm. 

Stop the presses! A new six day online Still Life Workshop with Maestro M John Angel. 

Photo: set up by student at AAA under Maestro's teaching

After the success of our first online Zoom workshop in portrait painting, I am delighted to tell you about our next project. Over two weekends, Maestro is giving a brand new workshop in still life painting. Using live demonstrations (as well as a couple of pre recorded videos relevant to the processes), this workshop will guide you from the beginning through to completion of a still life, with reference materials provided. You will be able to choose from a photographic reference or to work from a master painting (both options will be provided and sent to you upon booking). 

Painting by student at AAA under Maestro's teaching
Painting by student at AAA under Maestro's teaching

Painting by student at AAA under Maestro's teaching

The Zoom platform has proved excellent for teaching. Maestro is with the students for the entire duration of each day, answering questions and giving constant feedback to every student. It is a much more hands-on experience than being in the studio - counter intuitive, I know, but it's true!

Student working on Zoom, tuning in from Dubai, summer 2020 - Maestro's view!

Online student, tuning in from Canada,  seen from Maestro's viewpoint, summer 2020

Maestro will guide you through all the steps and stages of creating a painting, in a way which will empower you and improve your confidence and understanding. 

The workshop is fascililtated by Julie Douglas at Belfast Academy of Realist Art. Julie and Mr Angel have worked together on five workshops to date. Julie's teaching background enhances the students experiencce on the workshop as she provides notes from each day (live) and helps ensure the course runs smoothly. If you have not tried an online workshop, I encourage you to try this one. Julie has taught over 100 classes online - intense, student-centred and focussed. 

For more details please email

Cost £810.

Materials list and image options (which are NOT the same as those illustrated above, but are just as delicious) will be provided. 

Here is some feedback from students on the previous Zoom workshop:

A unique opportunity to paint with the best....Florence came to Belfast!
The recent Portrait course with Michael John Angel provided learning with the Maestro over live online sessions, while access to recorded demos allowed you to view and work at your own pace. This allowed for a comfortable mix of progress and ability levels. There was also access to personal review and critique when ready. 
The partnership with Julie Douglas and BARA meant excellent ongoing support to help participants get the most from the experience. The course provided the chance to become part of a network of dedicated artists learning from each other under world class tuition. 
Margery Lavery, Ireland

Maestro’s Zoom workshop was a real treat , better than my experience at the Angel academy,  to have Maestro sitting there available for Q&A throughout the workshop, not having to look over someone else’s shoulder, it has been amazing!!! Not to mention the recording of the videos and well prepared notes.  Can’t say enough good things about it.🙏🙏🙏 - Wendy, Hong Kong

I’ll certainly give you a testimony- it was the best course ever - Judy, Ireland

I really enjoyed the zoom course.  I was very nervous and anxious about it, but John is always reassuring and I got more from it than being in the studio.  I had more time and space to receive and digest the information. Lesley, London

I have been both fortunate and privileged to come under the tutelage of John Micheal Angel for 3 workshops to date. 
The third workshop came in the now popular Zoom format.
All 3 courses were wonderfully hosted and organised by Julie Douglas of B.A.R.A. 
The last course ( Zoom) was  supported by daily emails, brief concise pre demonstration videos and regular individual critiques throughout. 
I found this final course to be invaluable in my journey as a struggling artist - knowing that I can refer to the ‘Technique videos‘ all of which are  expertly demonstrated by the great Maestro himself. 
I would strongly recommend this course to artists of all levels . Tess, Ireland

I am a student at the Angel Art Academy and am going through the Diploma program.  I completed 2 terms there (working only in pencil and charcoal) when Covid-19 struck and I had to head home.  I enrolled for the online Portraiture class with Maestro having never painted before and I was very happy with the progress I made in such a short time.  Maestro’s step-by-step videos were very detailed and easy to follow.  In class we got one-on-one attention and Maestro gave instant expert critique.  in some cases online was better as there was little or no distraction and I gave 100% focus to my work. Bhajan, Australia

I just wanted to write a few words about our Portrait painting workshop via Zoom in August.
Maestro’s class was very organized with the preview of video demonstrations then live painting and helpful discussions.  Most crits were done off camera unless the student showed the work to all of us.
I would take another portrait painting class from you both in a heart beat.
Thanks again.
Sandra, California

I recently attended a Zoom Workshop with Maestro Michael John Angel via the Belfast Academy,   Maestro is an excellent instructor and his expertise, and knowledge is communicated well and actually enhanced by online instruction.  The videos and real time commentary and feedback enabled students to learn a lot. The Zoom Workshop was close to in person classes. It was very easy to watch Maestro work close up in the excellent recordings produced by the Belfast Academy. - Carol Rooney
Alberta, Canada

Taking a portrait class with amazing Mr. John Angel was an unforgettable experience. I have learned so much in a short period of time that would need years of practice and processing. Also the organization of the class was very good. You are in constant direct contact with the teacher himself.  I would definitely recommend this course. Janis, Dubai

Pet portrait workshop Sat 28th & Sun 29th November

Coloured pencil artwork, Julie Douglas 

We love drawing and painting our pets! Whether it's a kitten, a camel or a canary, this workshop will help you get the little darlings down on paper! Two days of drawing, using graphite or coloured pencils, we will go through the steps you need to create a likeness and understand the best way to deal with hair (or feathers!). 

Early stages in the coloured pencil process

We all need something to look forward to - lets look forward to drawing our animal friends.  We will work from your own reference photo, or if you would like to use one of mine, that is fine. Suitable for all levels of experience.

So much colour in 'white'!

So much colour in 'black'!

Timings: 10.30 - 4.30 on Saturday, 1pm - 7pm on Sunday. Cost £190. Materials list provided. 

This workshop is (currently) available as socially distanced in-studio as well as on Zoom.

Julie Douglas is an award winning coloured pencil artist, with awards from the Association of Illustrators, UK and the American Color Pencil Society. 

For more info or booking please email