Friday, 8 June 2018

Summer in the city! On location at the Titanic Quarter and the east.

It's so wonderfully warm and sunny that it was a waste to stay in the studio, so I took some classes outside to draw.

First up was the Tuesday class. We visited the beautiful Titanic Quarter, with an unbelievably blue sky. There are many things to draw here, from the lighthouse to boats in the dock, the Titanic Pump House and HMS Caroline.
The little group of figures are my students, beside the Titanic Slipway
 We began beside the SS Nomadic, warming up by drawing funnels!
Natasha, Maria, Jacqueline and Alison. 

the view of the SS Nomadic, with the Titanic Musem behind it, and the Drawing Offices in the middle. 

Men at work - Clive and Paul 
Ben's drawing of the Drawing Office, now part of Titanic Hotel
Alison, with her lovely drawing.
 Next day the Wednesday group painted trees in oils, from the playground outside the studio. It was great fun, and hardly any students got at all messy...

Thank goodness for a bit of shade. Drawing outside the studio.
 We began by doing quick litle drawings of various trees, to get a feel for shapes and tones.

OPaul found the perfect spot for a good view. 

Sandra, Liz and Neill. If you look very closely at Liz's black leggings, you will see an innocent looking yellow 'dot'. Well, during the afternoon, this blob of paint was rubbed up and down her leg, so by the end of the session the leggings were hardly at all black, and as for the leg...!!! 
Ann, who was just as excited as she looks in the photograph! 

Liz, work in pogress
Noel, almosst finished a lovely little study.
Paul - with his wonderful painting. This is only the second oil painting Paul has done!
Next up - Studio Open evening, Friday 15th June, everyone welcome. For details email