Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Water Colour Painting and life drawing, Dublin

There are so many myths about Water Colour painting that I couldn't begin to start... Mainly, the impression that students have is that it is more difficult than other mediums. This is simply Not True. (Trust me, I know these things..) Water Colour is a lovely medium, and its a great way to learn about colour, as it uses pure pigment, and no White. I did a long Crammer-Day in Dublin recently and none of the students had used water colours before, but their work was stunning. We used a variety of techniques and subjects. 

Selection of paintings by students who had never used Water Colour before, Dublin.

In the next room to mine during this course, a Sports Shop was having a sale, and I spied some wonderful plastic Torso which were displaying the sports shirts. I tried to buy one, without success, but one of my students sneaked off and did a better job of persuading them to sell one, and presented me with my very own Plastic Model for drawing. I've never been given such a wonderful gift in my life, THANK YOU Mary! My students on the next course also loved it.. (the next thing I'm after is a Bust, maybe Beethoven, or Mozart..!)

Being silly (wearing my drawing...! But it shows you the scale) 

Compressed charcoal, demonstration drawing, by Julie Douglas

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