Thursday, 25 August 2011

Portfolio Course, Sketch book drawings, chickens and a message to students.

On the last morning of my recent portfolio course, the students gathered around a large cage which housed a rather splendid...hen, which had been Volunteered into doing some modeling. She was placed on the table tennis table and pecked and clucked happily while students.. well, while they STARED. So charming -  their exclamations of.. She MOVED. Well, yes!  I was very sympathetic, and demonstrated this by leaving them to it while I made them a nice cup of tea...!  By day 5 they all know that I don't mind if they Huff, so long as they draw anyway... Their drawings were fabulous, just like I told them they would be. 

(Rebecca, left, BEING a chicken) 

However, the best thing I saw all week, really, was when they had all just left. I went back into the cottage and there was a large note, lying on the table. It was from one student, about to go to college in London. These last few days before they head off are stressful in so many ways, for parents and students. Its the slow end of one part of their lives and the exciting but scary Beginning of something new. Loaded with fear and anticipation. I am thinking warmly of ALL my students heading to college. I know you will do SO well, for your foundations are secure. Please REMEMBER THAT. Your foundations are secure. 

Here is the note that was waiting for me. 

Well, as anyone who has ever been to one of my classes knows, I believe in all of you. 

Thank you, for all YOU have taught me, in every class, every day. 
Julie xxx

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