Friday, 5 August 2011

Drawing - Plums in my sketch book, pen.

Plums on the branch, 8in x 5in. Julie Douglas.

Its been another bumper year for fruit and my plum trees were bent from the weight. So instead of removing just the plums, I took a few over-laden branches off so that the tree wouldn't collapse.  The upside being a lovely subject for a quick draw. (quick? This took about 3 hours. But I was stringing it out..) There is something wonderful about planting something, watching it grow then picking some of it to paint it. A real joy. As so often happens, I had a lesson prepared for my class but at the last minute, swapped it for this seasonal offering. Too voluptuous to resist. The students, wisely, used colour, making mine feel very black. But there's no going back now, the plums are in the pan, becoming jammmm.

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