Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Portfolio Course and Art in Heaven.

Instead of having my office in the woods, this week my office is by the banks of Lough Derg. How delicious. My day starts with a walk with the dogs and the air is so calm and fresh it's impossible not to feel more alive by simply being outside. A very special place.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my portfolio students are scribbling away, with new-found determination and a patience they didn't know they had. I love the sound of pastels, pasteling... its a bit like the sound of Jack Russells, russelling. In fact, the only other sounds are of cows, and the cockerel. We're a little way out of the town, but it feels like heaven. Art, in Heaven. The venue is a lightfilled, well equipped cottage in Ardcloony, Killaloe, surrounded by trees, cows, two Jack Russells and wandering chickens. The room is filled with visual nuggets in the form of beautiful bowls, hand made ceramics and - well, CALM.

Ceramic fruits.

We were treated by a visit from Andrew, a past student who is about to start his first year at Camberwell School of Art. It was a privilege to watch him explain his work with the students, to see his enthusiasm and energy for the subject and help them appreciate some of the journey involved in producing a great portfolio. 

Next up - Big Drawing Weekend, Belfast. 
For information on all courses email julie@juliedouglas.co.uk 
Phone - from the UK, call 07730 560 517 , from Ireland call 087 1330040

The cottage, in Killaloe, County Clare, is available to rent. It is delightful, cozy and fresh. Perfect to paint, make ceramics or just Be. Get in touch for details. 

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