Saturday, 11 June 2011

St George's Farmers Market, Belfast

I've been thinking about it for ages, and when a friend said she was looking after another friends stall, I decided that was the nudge I'd been waiting for, and that I'd try to get a stall at St George's Market in Belfast. In order to do this, I spent the previous day trimming and slicing demonstration paintings and artworks, arranging them in portfolios. Sounds like nothing, but it was er...messy..  Then up at 6am (yes, THAT is why I'd put it off..)  to queue and hope for a table. I was 16th in the queue, and wasn't overly hopeful, but oh joy, by 8.15 I was given a space half way between my friend, who was busy by then, arranging hats and scarves on her stall, and my favourite veg stall. 

St George's is a covered market, a great structure in itself (I can feel a drawing project coming on....) and its got a wonderful atmosphere. It has a rhythm to it, its alive, and buzzes with energy. But at the same time, it's relaxed, sort of easy with itself. The smells are of spicy food, paella, coffee, the sounds of a band playing blues, the visual feasts of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meats, cakes, jams, fish (oh... the FISH) as well as plants and Crafts. And finally, there was moi aussi. The clientelle are relaxed and enjoy mooching from stall to stall, the ambiance is...chill. Fascinating to people-watch from the other side of the stalls..!! And I was next to Melanie (on Facebook as Mk Vintageusa) who introduced my son to the choicest foody delights on the Market, and was a font of knowledge, thanks! 


I met so many interesting people, and my throat was sore from the laughing and chat, my cheeks hot from blushing at the compliments (thank you!). And thanks to my students who popped in to say hello. 

It was really good to take my paintings out of the studio, give them a little airing - many many people are interested in art but not interested in Galleries...  

I have to recommend the Red Eye coffee - when I bought the first one it looked a bit small, but the cheery lady who passed it over to me grinned and said 'That'll keep you lit'. Boy, it did! 

Ann-Marie and I, two mad hatters. 

Next up, weekly classes resume in Belfast, morning and evening.
Big Drawing Day, Belfast
Portfolio Course, Co Clare.

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