Monday, 27 June 2011

Pears -Colour pencil and chalk pastels. Close-up and far-away.

I've spent the morning doing my Distance Learning crits, and am left feeling very inspired. Its a really lovely thing to receive regular images from students from all over the place, as they follow the exercises I have set, and after a few weeks, the progression in the work is so marked, the improvement is so fast. Its a joy and a privilege to watch. When Susan emailed this pear drawing, it really made my day! Look at the colours, look at the pattern! (The pattern was self-imposed, by the way - I'm Hard, but I'm not that Cruel...) 

Pear on patterned cloth, Colour Pencil by S. Baker, distance learning student in Wales.

On Saturday I had Big Drawing Day in Belfast. The students were mostly well-behaved, with hardly any chat back, and no moaning at ALL! In fact, my son said the noise was mostly Laughing, though I tried to explain that that was proably a nervous hysteria...! These two lovely chalk drawings show how much the students, who were beginners, settled in to the day. Delicious!

Pears in Chalk Pastel, by M. Scott, student 

Pears in Chalk Pastel, by R. Burnside, student
To see more Pears, go to the search box at the top right of this page and type Praise of Pears. 

I called this post Close-up and Far-away because the Drawing day was in Belfast, close up, and Susan is in Wales, far away. Distance is nothing! 

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