Saturday, 18 June 2011

Citrus, water colour - not bitter, just a little t'art. Moleskine.

                                 Water colour in Moleskine sketch book. Julie Douglas.

This week's class painted quartered citrus, which was challenging in both the drawing and colour. The shapes have to be right, and there are so many shades of colour, as well as the light making some of the flesh semi-transparent - perfect subject for the qualities of water colour paint. The students only grumble was about the wonderful lemon smell - the only thing lacking was the G&T... Here are a couple of lovely student examples.

 Water colour by  A. Walker, student. Wonderful composition. (we decided that it looks like a gin glass! Though she said that was subconscious..) 

 This one shows the gentle layering process, the best part water colour. If you click to enalarge this, you will see the painting is a fine example of colour-observation (notice that each part of the top lime is a different colour, for example) and even though its not finished, there is enough information for us to understand the tonal values over all. By A-M Ramsay-Baggs, student.

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