Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Pomegranates for Ann-Marie, Oils 6in x 6in on Canvas.

Yes, I finally got the canvas out and dared to have another go. Its many months since I painted on canvas, and the memories came flooding back. How to try to deal with the lumps and ridges of the canvas itself,  but how gorgeous that the colours are thick and true in just one layer, and I can apply more paint while its wet and its not transparent, and the lovely springyness as the surface bounces under the brush. Much quicker - I did this in about 6 hours. Well, maybe 7, over two days. It gives me a looser finish, and sometimes, that feels good. For the change. A bit of Letting Go never hurt anyone. Not the best photo in the world, as its still wet.

I'd like to say many happy returns to my twin brother Brucie (we're below in the photo, he's the one having the good idea...) (no, we're not identical. Don't be SILLY. I'm 5ft 9 btw, its just that Bruce is even taller), and my lovely friends Toni in Tunbridge Wells and Ann-Marie in Holywood who also share this birthday. I painted the pomegranates for A-M - I was going to paint apples, but when I found the pomegranates and they looked like apples with Crowns, well, that swung it.  To all my Gemini friends, and there are so so many of you, epecially Jode in America, Frances in London, Nuala in Belfast and countless more. And Adrian in Santa Barbara - even though you're on the cusp, being on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini has got to be good. Happy birthdays!

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  1. These are gorgeous and luscious... and I love the "crowns" on top too!