Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Big Girls Shoes, Oil Painting 8in x 8in, canvas

Sexy Shoes, Julie Douglas oils 8in x 10in canvas. 

One of the nicest things about being a girl right now, has got to be The Shoes. When I bought the ones above, my children were...well, disgusted. But they're Boys. I wore them once, and I'm not sorry I gave it a Go. But as they made me over 6 ft tall, I felt like a lighthouse surrounded by small ships. And I had to wear different ones to drive, so it was a bit of a palaver. And, ok, Walking was a bit of a challenge too now I think about it. But they seriouly lift my spirits every time I see them. And THAT'S what its all about. Big shoes aren't about Big Shoes. They're about Fun. 

Never has such a simple subject matter  brought so many smiles to so many faces. Its not an easy subject by any means, so I wait till students are really ready to tackle it. The first time I set the studio up with a crowd of shiny high heels, I'd planned something else but had a Difficult Day and decided last minute that I need cheering up. When students arrived, it was Love at first sight, the joy in the air was tangible. And after some little gasps, their first words were OoooooOOOOOooooh! They loved it so much we kept it for two weeks, and I decided I had to paint some too. Here are a few lovely drawings and paintings, by students in both Killaloe, Co Clare, and Belfast. (and they work from life, by the way, not photographs!) 

Water Colour by S. McGinty, student. Killaloe

Water Colour, G. McGuire, Student. Killaloe

Drawing, P. Finlay Student. Belfast

Drawing by A. Walker Student, Belfast.

Drawing by A-M Ramsay-Baggs, student. Belfast

(We do paint boys shoes too by the way...) 

Next Up - two day water clour Workshop, Dublin Ireland
Oil painting workshop, Belfast. 


  1. Love them- and love the image of a tall ship.... I'd be the canoe paddling beside you, ha ha!!

  2. well Emily, every ship loves a wee canoe paddling alongside! xx