Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Water colour Lillies - students, painting without drawing.

There are many ways of using water colour, and occasionally I ask my students to go straight to paint, without a pencil drawing underneath. This rarely goes down well, till they've got started, then the advantages of not being able to rub out begin to kick in. 

by Pat Finlay, student, Belfast.

Certainly, with a complicated subject like this, it would have been difficult to draw AND paint it in one two hour session, and while none of these paintings were completed, the aims were achieved. All are A3 size. 

By Hilary Johnston, student, Belfast

The aim was to Look more carefully, to understand the Whole as well as the smaller sections, to paint in tonal groupings rather than draw in a linear fashion and to make visual connections instantly, one section to another. The other aim was to get the information down and make it work. 

By Jean Reid, student, Belfast

All these students have been having lessons for only a short time. This is a VERY challenging exercise. They did brilliantly, with hardly any moaning (I think they were in shock...). 

By Brendan McKinley, student, Belfast

This ingenius piece of kit was made by Hilary and I've put my order in early for Christmas...  She took a box of Ferrero Rocher, DUTIFULLY munched her way through the contents (how we suffer for our art), made little dividers out of mounting card, and hey presto, the perfect storage for her water colours. 

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