Friday, 8 July 2011

I love Pears - oils.

Well, its no news to you that I love pears. Maybe its as basic as their resemblance to the human figure. I don't even mind Why I love pears, its enough for me to know that I do...

Three Stooges, Oil on artist panel, 8in x10in. Julie Douglas
I've had that wooden block for years, lovely to finally paint it. I'll do it again... 

These two paintings are two years apart, nearly. The first (above) is the most recent painting I've completed, and is the FIRST oil painting I've done in Oils that I would describe as Still Life. I mentioned this to my students and had a couple of enquires back as to what constitues a Still Life. Interesting. The Tate said - Essentially the subject matter of a Still Life painting or sculpture is anything that does not move or is dead... Charming. Hardly. But I wasn't referring to the Subject so much as the genre. And so, this is the first Still Life.

                                         Pear on cloth, Oil on canvas, 6in x 6in. Julie Douglas
This second painting is one of my very first oil paintings. Working on canvas is very different to smooth board, not better or worse, just...different.

Copyright for these images belong to Julie Douglas. Please do not print or copy these in any way, or you will be visted by plagues and unable to sleep properly. Aw. Instead, go to the shop and buy a wee bag of...PEARS, and look how lovely they are, in the flesh.

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