Sunday, 24 July 2011

Portrait Drawing workshop, Belfast UK (also in Dublin, Ireland)

Student portrait drawings, using Compressed Charcoal. (Click on images to enlarge)

in progress... H. Johnston, student 

     Surprise surprise...! Excellent, LARGE work! (5 hours) H. Johnston, student.

Three days of hard labour, and the students had stopped begging for mercy and resigned themselves to the Graft. It probably didn't help much that I was chirping about the journey towards creative excellence being always slightly uphill, so that by the time you reach the top, you're just getting the idea that the journey goes on for...ever. How delicious..

In Progress, M. Hickie, student (including charcoal on her own forehead...)

These students had never done portrait drawing before. The pieces shown here were done on the third day of the course. Leading up to this, on the first two days they had done many studies of eyes, noses, lips, and all the Bits In Between. (thanks, Alexander, for being a great model) They left feeling amazed, delighted they'd worked so large (because the scale of every artwork is important) and...Exhausted. Perfect!

Next Workshops - Water Colour, Weekly Thursdays, and an extra Portfolio Course in August. Email for full details. 
Phone - from UK 07730 560 517 from Ireland 087 1330040

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