Saturday, 16 July 2011

Twigs, Apple for the teacher, and Beauty in All Things...

This week I am doing a Portfolio Course for students wanting to go to Art College. I often ask them to bring along an object for study, but this time a student Surprised me. Y'know when you think you've seen it All? Well, Fiona brought a big smile to my face when out of her bag she produced a...Twig! WONderful!!! Now, you have to love your Twig if you're going to do drawing studies of it - its not the sort of thing you can force someone to draw, the desire has to come from Within.

                                                       Fiona's Twig.

The variety of colours (double-click the photo to see them) , textures and shape in this should not be underestimated, as well as the strong composition it makes when it splits the image area. The negative shapes are clearly as important as the positive shapes, though they are not Dominant. So I was walking the dog and saw some lichen-covered sticks and fabulous knarled stumps and brought some back, and presented them to Fiona for further study, knowing she's That Kind Of Girl.

She was delighted - but not as much as me, because she put her hand in her pocket saying, And I found this for you... And gave me an....Apple! (A manky, mis-shapen, bruised, fabulous crab apple) I have been given a few gifts, as a teacher, ranging from flowers to even a beautifully framed painting, but never an apple. Thanks!

                           Next up, Colour and Composition Workshop, Killaloe
                                               Monthly Mondays, Killaloe
                                               Portrait Workshop, Belfast.

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