Friday, 8 February 2013

What do I do?

I have just done a straight eight day teaching run, which included five late nights and ended with a talk to NI CTC (which is the Cycling Touring Club, to you and me) entitled, 'What I Do'. Astonishing how one can wonder, before doing a talk like that, What is it that I do..? Fortunately, a good rummage in the storage boxes turns up a lot of paintings, and I remember that Oh yes, sometimes I do THAT!

I was glad that my work is small, making it easy to pack up and transport. 
It's not that I don't know what I do, it's that I do many different things, and working out which one people want to hear about is always interesting.

Tiredness manifests in interesting ways towards the end of a long run of classes. By day seven I was feeling a bit vague, and admitted to the students that I was feeling.. er...indecisive. Today, I think I've passed myself going round the corner.

Many paintings and drawings have been successfully brought into being during those days. At the weekend I had a truly international group of students - from Donegal, Dublin, Wexford, Co Down and OMAN!

Pears in Oils. Top, by Sarah B, student, bottom, by Geraldine O'K, student.

Niamh and Robert, poetry in motion, practicing their water colour washes, in unison! 
Some students were  doing Oils for the first time, others were working towards portfolios. We covered a lot of ground - water colour, drawing on location, observation studies and sketch book work. Everyone was out of their comfort zone for some of the time.

Fabulous drawing by Niamh, who thought she couldn't draw... 
Next up - Childrens Drawing class, Belfast.
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