Sunday, 23 September 2012

Portrait Drawing ( - suffering for our Art and Home!)

Photo by Trish Semple

Friday night was Culture Night in many cities across Europe and it was lovely to invited to take part. Emma from Art and Home, the most wonderful Art suppliers and framers, asked me if I would do 'something' and in a moment of weakness I agreed to sit in the window doing some drawing. What was I thinking...?? Luckily I had a moment of inspiration, and suggested that Mama Kaz might  model for me (safety in numbers..). (I mentioned her in a recent post, and though it would be good to get some practice in before the workshop.. Er, in public. Sheesh... )

Mama Kaz has a great face, and we started off nicely, calm and poised, even. But of course, it takes a long time to do a drawing (mine took an hour and a half) and all sitters get a little restless at some point, but as she was due to sing on stage, we decided to soldier on without a break. But, uh-oh, she spots a camera... 

.... and the messing Begins.. (oh joy!)

I haven't laughed so much for ages. But, we managed to regain composure for a while.. 

Photo by Mary Lappin
....but before long, the guitar comes out. I mean, please... how's a girl to draw when the model is rocking in her seat...?!

Photo by Emma Bond, Art and Home, Holywood Co Down

A really enjoyable experience, and I look forward to painting Mama Kaz soon. She is modeling for two portrait workshops, and they will be fantastic.

Art and Home,

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