Saturday, 26 May 2012

Summer in the city.. Student colour pencil work

I have taught the most amazing students on my Distance Learning courses, from all over the world. I am wondering if it's about time I started visiting them at home... South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii.. Here are some summery examples of two students work, showing the wonderful detail possible with coloured pencils..

'Beach Chairs', and 'Rook'  by T. Moss, Colour Pencil

'Freesias' and 'Bananas', By N. Hall, Colour pencil

You know when it's exam season, for the weather gets blisteringly hot.. So my trick is to get up early and paint before the sun reaches my studio turning it into a sauna, then go out and play on the swings and see-saws before the kiddies get there, then home - to sauna. Perfect really!

 Todays tip is that truly, the way to get your paintings done, is to attend to them FIRST, before all the other jobs that need doing. Then your fun feels REALLY fun!

I am painting onions at the moment and will post them here as soon as they are done.

Up coming - Portfolio Course Killaloe
Oil painting Workshop Belfast.

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