Monday, 14 May 2012

BYOB art class...

Occasionally I hold BYOB art classes, which are a truly entertaining and enlightening experience, both for me as well as the participants! The atmosphere is light, and no one comes for The Drink, but for a one-off try-out of a bit of drawing and painting.
Everyone enjoys themselves, even the most nervous and reluctant attendants, and all are delighted with their new-found art genius. In fact, after one particularly jolly evening, I received a text from one lady while she was in her taxi going home. The text said simply, I love my mushroom. Well, AW! The ladies in the second photo were going on to a nightclub after the class, but by 9pm one said she was so exhausted after painting that she just wanted to go home and get into her pj's..!!

The last BYOB included a young woman who told me she's a scientist, and instantly bribed her way into my affection by presenting me with a Scientists White Coat when she arrived (I love a bribe, by the way), as I'd mentioned in an email that I was fed up getting oil paint on my clothes (mostly my elbows, when I lean in the palette, tsk..) So I'm delighted with it, even though it's ENORMOUS... So I've stuffed the pockets full, so I never misplace anything again.. Looking forward to getting it really slathered in paint... 

Up and coming - I have a portfolio course at the beginning of June and so far it's mostly boys who have booked. So if any girls out there need a portfolio, please get in touch!


  1. It seems that in this art class all of you have been provided with the task of same type of painting which is not so enjoyable activity. Here in Scottsdale I have joined one BYOB painting class Art of Merlot. We are allowed to choose our own painting idea and paint with free hand. I think this the way to maximize your painting ability especially when you are beginner in painting.

    1. If painting freely over a bottle of wine gets you started with painting, then hurrah for the free hand. In my years of experience in teaching, students learn most when given guidelines and a few steps on the path - not the whole road, just enough to move forward. It is the moving forward which is important, rather than the wine or the freedom. The GREATEST creative freedom comes when the student feels the power of their own understanding. I would not suggest that any of my students do less than enjoy their experience, and most of that is without a bottle. :) You will notice that the students in these photographs are very happy. One woman wept with relief and said she'd had the best day of her life. That is quite a statement.
      I wish you success and an open mind and heart about how one might maximize enjoyment, whether as a beginner or an experienced painter.