Thursday, 10 November 2011

colour pencil, Glass and distortion, student work.

I love glass, and more particularly, the distortions that happen when you look through glass and the even more distortions when you half fill it with water - the results are always surprising, and never predictable, which means you have to really Observe, and let go of what you think you're going to see. If you can manage those things, the subject becomes far easier than you think, and is good fun. A playful drawing, not painful! 

By J. Minty (who has only attended for 6 lessons so far, and this was the first colour pencil drawing. She has discovered her inner Art Goddess, hooray!) 
Colour pencil is a slow medium, but excellent for understanding about colour and shape. These students had a couple of hours on the drawings, so none are finished, but all are wonderful. 

By P. Finlay

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