Monday, 14 November 2011

Big red strawberry tart, oils on board

Although I've painted it so big that really its a Big Red Strawberry PIE. This painting was done over a couple of days. I did the whole first layer in one sitting and finished it a couple of weeks later. And while there may be nothing too deep and meaningful about a strawberry tart, working on the painting was just pure pleasure, both visually, and in the experience of messing about with the paint. It was an oozy paint job, and a totally delicious way to take the mind off other things.

I am an attractor of heart shapes and noticed while painting that the strawberry is heart shaped. I will show you a few more hearts in the next post. It's very difficult to photograph reds, the original is much sharper and even more In Your Face than this shows!

Next up - Workshops in Oils, Water Colour and Big Drawing Day. (delicious)
Bookings being taken for the next Portfolio Course in January too.
Weekly classes run mornings and evenings in Belfast.
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