Friday, 18 November 2011

Another Big Red Tart! Oils on Art panel 8 x 10inches

I was asked recently why I was painting Strawberry Tarts. I couldn't think of an appropriate reply. Especially as I don't have a sweet tooth. There's just something good-looking about them, like a big traffic light. The demand my attention. I went to the bakery looking for another cake to paint, but was attracted right back to the same red ones as before. So, what could I do??

Not quite finished, but near enough.

I got a really great response from folks on the first tart. Brian, a student in Dublin, emailed and said Fab tart, you made me feel good! Well, that sounds like a good reason to paint them doesn't it?! Right now, my fridge is home to 8 more little cakes, all hoping to be next.. Unfortunately I tried a bit of the coffee one, expecting to not like it, but uh-oh, it was YUMMY...

Next Up - Oil Pinting workshop, Dublin
Water Colour and Big Drawing Days, Belfast
Bookings being taken for Intensive Portfolio Course in January 2012.


  1. I got this email from Yvonne in Australia, who is echoing the sentiments of many of you who have tried to comment but can't. I think its a software issue, down to your computer. Anyway, here's her comment..

    Hi Julie,

    I tried to comment on your blog but it comes up with 'email to a friend'. Please try and find a tech head who can resolve the issue for you. It is so frustrating!
    Anyhow, got that off my chest, your tarts are amazing I don't understand once again, how you get that jelly look, like the water droplets on the grapes etc. It is amazing.

  2. what a superb painting, I had to click on it to see it larger! Going to subscribe now to see more and keep up to date.