Tuesday, 6 September 2011

St George's Farmers Market, Belfast.

I wasn't teaching on Saturday so decided to go back to the market to give myself an airing. It was so full I wasn't sure I'd get a table. I arrived at five to eight, moments before the cut-off time, feeling slightly guilty as the other Casuals had been queueing since 7 (though apparently someone gets there at 4am...) I'm lucky, all I have to do is pop a couple of boxes in the car, a sheet and some paintings and I'm off, but others are up all night preparing. Here's my catch of the day...!

I know not everyone likes fish, but I am irrestistably attracted to it.. Wonderful colours. 

My stand was next to Sweetie Sweets, which belongs to Amba. She's there every weekend, Saturday and Sunday and it was er, delicious being next to her, as she Hello!-ed to everyone passing by and encouraged them to sample her nutty biscuits (mmm) and cakes. The thing is, they didn't even taste overly sweet, just...fantastic. She made a chocolate cake with chilli in it.. She had been up all night cooking. 

Amba..                         ...and some of her goody bags... 

My stuff...
It was lovely to be there and meet so many people (from all over Ireland and America too) who are interested in drawing and painting. Next time, I think I'll DO some drawing.

Contact info for upcoming courses - julie@juliedouglas.co.uk or tel 07730 560517 in Uk                                 or from Ireland 0871330040

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