Thursday, 8 September 2011

Drawing - Portfolio Course, an open letter to my college students

There are so many of you heading off to First Year at art college, in Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Northern Ireland and England, and one or two have started this week already. I am thinking of you all and know there are lots of butterflies in your tummies. (I'll just make you a nice cuppa tea.). Lisa emailed asking for some tips, so I reckoned maybe you guys would like them too. Thanks for the work, thanks for sharing your fabulous journey, thanks for the laughs, thanks for the singing (oh yes, one group of you turned into a choir..!), now GET ON WITH IT..!!
 1. Remember, they want you on the course, they 
 weren't doing you a favour by accepting you...

 2. Deep Breathing. This will help to anchor you at all times. If you feel panicky just reach out for something (a stool or a chair or even the wall) and touch it, and feel rooted. Focus your attention on the object as if you were part of it and breathe in deeply and slowly, three times. There. Anchored.
                                                     3. SMILE. Head UP.

4. Remember you do know how to Draw. Most of your fellow students aren't so well equipped. 
5. If you don't understand anything, ASK THEM TO REPEAT IT. If you are given a brief, READ IT. Then read it again. And again and again. And one more time. And... 
6. Work your butt off. Because it doesn't matter about anyone else, the only one who matters to you is..YOU.
 7. If you need me for anything, I am here. Aw. 

8. You are CHARMING AND ENCHANTING. And delicious. 
9. Now, off you go and have the time of your LIFE!! You are the future, and the future is NOW!

 I got this reply from Ellen...

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