Friday, 2 September 2011


This is an under rated quality in the creative personality. Ahem. All honest artists will admit to being highly proficient. And its a night mare. Until we learn to turn it into a dream.

The first step is acknowledging you're doing it, rather than Pretending you're Just Too Busy. It begins, often, at the desk. Sigh. Its a bit untidy. (= I can't see the desk at all. I only know its there because the mess doesn't reach the floor, its suspended on legs) Oh Yes, I must put the washing in the machine. Where was I..? Maybe now's the time to put my entire book collection in Alphabetical Order... Tsk, now I've done that, I think it'd be better if it was colour-coded. Oh, now I've tried that its so obvious that arranging the books from largest to smallest is definitely The Thing. My own personal best was when I set up my son to power wash the yard (I hypnotized him, the only way), then had to join in as it looked like so much fun...

So, even though its annoying, it's normal. The real truth, The Cure, is in the D's. Discipline. Determination. And a Deadline. Yup. If need be, make one up. (I want that done by 5 or you're not having any DINNER..) 
Meanwhile, I'm not speaking to my painting, so instead of struggling, I'm putting it off by priming some nice new boards. Which is Delicious. But also Denial..! Sometimes, the way forward is to make a bigger mess.. 

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