Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Water Colour Workshop, Dublin

 I'm always looking for subjects which lend themselves to the particular media I'm using, and peppers allow for great use of the layering techinques in water colour as the tonal areas are strong in their contrasts. Its not easy - but well worth the suffering. This first little painting was one of some demos from a recent workshop. It is very simplified to help students See the shapes and tones I was looking for. It's these factors which give the painting the 3-d look and explains the twists and turns in every subject. Also, I don't like spending too long on a demonstration because basically, students are just watching paint dry, and I don't want them to get bored.. Or worse still, to be putting off Starting themselves... (yes, I'm wise to all your stalling tactics, sheesh)

 Here's some folks pretending to Suffer for their Art after the demo... The completed painting below is by Tomm Moore, who was rather surprised and delighted with his own genius!

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