Sunday, 27 March 2011

Drawing subjects... and visual feasting.

Every moment of every day is a visual feast. Even if you haven't time to sit to paint, allow your eyes to absorb the amazing beauty all around you - this means not Thinking about it, but just.... Looking. When we really start to observe light, and shape and colour, our lives begin to be transformed. How could we not have noticed how colourful everything is? When I was walking the dog yesterday I noticed some unusual looking objects on the ground - just one or two at first, but eventually a whole heap of them.  They look like buttons from a formal blazer, or perhaps little drawer-knobs. They look like they have been carved, each one with the same pattern on the top. Knobbly, very solid, brown with hints of greens and red. They are seeds from Eucalyptus trees, I deduced by looking...up! (I am very grateful that they'd already landed on the ground, they'd be a bit painful if they landed on your head)
 Just peering at the detail on objects like this increases your visual awareness,  with no effort on your part at all! Stare, wonder, unravel the details with your eyes, and the next time you draw something, you will be as tuned in as if you'd been drawing all week. 

Tip of the day - don't look hard for somthing interesting, it's right beside you. And when you are out and about, sometimes the most interesting landscape is at your feet. 
Double click on the image to see it BIGGER....

Next Workshops, April - Drawing on location.  Portrait Drawing.  Email for details. 

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