Monday, 21 March 2011

Musicians Hands, Colour Pencil.

This drawing was done a while ago in Colour Pencil, on Bristol Paper, size  11in x 8.5in (small), and was part of a series I did of musician's hands, holding their instruments. I love drawing hands, and all skin tones. This week I am painting more hands, in Oils. But I'm not speaking to it at the moment. Nearly very painting I do, I have a fall-out with at some point, which is such a regular occurrance now that I take it as Normal, if Annoying... Still Learning..

Musicians make great subjects for drawing while they are playing - you have to work quickly, frequently revisiting sections of the drawing, as the subject is moving constantly. It leads to fast decision-making and lively drawings, and loosens you up. No time to be Precious. I did some in a local bar where I used to live, and found that drawing the musicians as they played was a much more intimate experience than photographing them. Taking a photo is very quick, and I guess we are accustomed to seeing a camera. But standing still and drawing is rather different - I was very discreet (as I didn't want anyone to inspect what I was doing, an audience is not helpful...) but the musicians were aware that I was doing Something. But of course, when they weren't playing, I wasn't drawing, so the embarrassment blossomed on both sides. Eventually, after a few sessions, one musician left the group while they were still playing and glanced over my shoulder at what I was doing. Then gleefully shouted out, hey, Christy, she's even got your HAIR in.... They'd twigged!!  (and I was too shy to go back - tip, take a friend to sheild you!)

I have been asked many times over many years if I would write a book on drawing and painting. I began this a while ago, and would be thrilled if you contributed by asking me a question! I won't necessarily answer all of them, but I will try - it is so interesting hearing what bothers you, when you are learning. Often, it is the same questions that come up, over and over. Which means that you are not alone with your problem!

Upcoming Worshop - Drawing on Location, Belfast UK. Email for details

BIG NOTE.... I really love teaching. Not everyone can say that. If I can help you in any way it would be an honour to do that. Just ask me a question. But I know that you will not learn anything by copying my work. Not a thing. So please do not do it. Don't print out my images, don't try to draw them, for the copyright is mine and you don't have my permission to do it. Thank you. Rest assured I will never, ever try to copy anything that you have created.

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