Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tied up in knots - cloth drawings, pencil on toned paper.

One of the most difficult things about photographing any of my students working, I notice, is that the table is so covered in coffee cups..

  Recently I asked them to draw cloth - this is a difficult subject, but so important for when drawing the clothed figure. Drawing the cloth without the figure is a kinder place to start. It is also, once you get used to the initial horror-feelings, almost meditative to do. This is a landmark subject matter - once you tackle this, you know you can do Anything...
(It is really difficult to photograph pencil work, and some of these were at night, so sorry about the quality). Graphite and white pencil on toned paper. 

These are stunning drawings (above is by Phillippa, below is by Brian, both of whom have only attended 4 lessons!). The end result doesn't show their total fear of the subject, or the determination to see it through, but it was there. Great work.

Above, by student John McI. Below Jayne McC. (Jayne's photo was taken in the daytime, which is why it is clearer!)

And finally, below, my own drawing. I don't always get to participate in the class, but this time I couldn't resist, and sat up long after everyone had gone to finish it. The upside of joining in is that I remember how difficult it is, and occassionally feel a little bit guilty... but then, I get over it!

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  1. aw.. Julie you didn't do the stripey one

  2. wellll....that's because someone else was doing it!!!