Monday, 2 January 2012

Seasonal water colours in Killaloe, student work.

As much as possible I keep my class subjects Seasonal, which gives the year a lovely flow, in colour as well as form.
 Work in progress by D. Rowsome and W. Stark, students, in Killaloe on the Monthly Monday drawing and painting class.
M. Conran, student, work in progress.

Red is a challenging colour to use in water colour, so I bought some Pointsettias and went to Ikea specially to get some lanterns, for lovely muted relfections. Deirdre took one look at them and said, I'm not doing THOSE...' Sigh. However, Matt took a deep breath, raised his eyebrows and said, Whatever you say Julie... There now, how lovely!!

 O. Flanagan tackling ribbon in colour pencil. (Never too many pencils...) 

 I have also been trying out new venues, so its a bit of an art mystery trail for my regular students, but it keeps things fresh! Last month we met in an Italian deli, in their reading room, which was cozy. And very...Italian!!


  1. Missing ye already. Love to get stuck into some drawing and loads of banter!!! Love the work. M

  2. Missing it already and Love the work guys! Miss the drawing and especially the banter. But No Pain no Gain!!!

    See ye soon, M

    1. Well Mary, we miss you too, but we keep your seat warm for you. And the kettle's always on. I have a Feeling that you'll be back. Hope you're enjoying your pain..!!