Saturday, 14 January 2012

Teenagers and art...

I don't often hold classes for teenagers, but when I do I LOVE them. I have such faith in this age group - they are receptive and attentive, and it's a joy to introduce them to new ways of looking, new ways of thinking and using materials they may not have tried before. 

Teenagers are open to learning, and less cautious about trying something for the first time. Small classes encourage a warm atmosphere where enthusiasm reigns supreme, and the emphasis is on moving forward, and succeeding. In a class like that, they become totally absorbed in their drawings and no one wants it to end! Including me.

                                                                Gourd in Charcoal

                                                          Boys absorbed in their drawing...

Fabulous chalk pastel


This class took place between Christmas and New Year, and the students relished the time, and so, I gather, did their parents. One mum had traveled quite a distance to drop her child off, and I suggested she sit in the other room to relax with a coffee, but she stared at me, wide eyed with excitement, 
and said Aw, no thanks,  I'm.... off to IKEA!!!

Upcoming workshops - mini portfolio weekend, Belfast
Water Colour Workshop, Life Drawing.
Email for info on dates.

(Permission was given by all parents before these photos were used)

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