Sunday, 9 October 2011

Oil Painting workshop Belfast - the colour in White

This weekend I had a lovely workshop in Belfast, which included an American lady who flew over from Holland, and an Austrian lady who drove up from Carlow. None were new to oils, but some had little experience of drawing, so we spent the first morning on drawing exercises. Many painting students resign themselves to this, with reticence - but ALL experienced a few Lightbulb moments, which is a joy to watch, when they realized that not only is drawing a vital part of the painting process, but its fun, and yes, we can all do it.

In fact, the Lighbulb moments continued all weekend, and on Sunday I decided to move on to a more difficult exercise, a white ball surrounded by coloured papers. We used a piece of grey paper with holes cut in it to isolate colour - and all were amazed at how colourful white is...
Colour study by B.Engl, student

One student surpassed herself - when she looked through the hole and saw bright yellow on the white ball, she couldn't wait to start painting and said, I'm so EXCITED..! Well, me too!! In fact, once they got started, I began to feel a bit left out. tsk!

                                                       Studies by J.Simms,  student

Study in progress by M. Forshee, student

This exercise is much harder than it looks, and illustrates very quickly to the student that it appears that we can't believe our EYES,who'd have thought there'd be so much COLOUR?  If we only looked more frequently with our eyes wider open, we'd know that there's so much MORE to SEE. And that truly, it IS exciting. Be Alert, be Open, be Aware and you'll See everything. It's there all the time, you just have to Look.

Colour study by M.Forshee, student

After this we moved on to cloth, and the enthusiam progressed into concentrated silence, a mixture of Horror, Huffing, and, well.. Hoping, I think! Fabulous work, a lovely weekend. Thanks. 

Next Up - weekly Drawing and Painting classes, Belfast, Monthly Monday Killaloe, BYOB Mondays, Belfast, Art for Teenagers and Portfolio Course, Co Clare.
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