Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Drawing: A day at the Ulster Museum

With lockdown easing, I was delighted when my friend Claire asked if I fancied a trip to the Ulster Museum, in Belfast.  A MUSEUM? OUT? HOW EXCITING!!!!! So the booking was made, and on Saturday we packed out pencils and headed off. 

And...relax. We have arrived. 

There are many wonderful things about the Ulster Museum. the first is the setting. Tall trees of many varieties, and lovely gardens all around. The second wonderful thing is the cafe. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, it's not about the food, or the refreshments, it's about the WINDOWS. Which look out to the trees. 

I love trees. 

Moleskine sketchbook, pen drawing of four girls sitting on the museum steps, using their mobile phones. 

So we settled in with the sketch books, and set to looking out. I"d brought a small sketch book, and my eyes were attracted by the four girls to the left, huddled together but not speaking, playing with their phones. A very modern sight. And unlike people-drawing in the olden days, where you had to be very quick because... well, because they MOVED, now you are fairly certain that you'll have several minutes of a stationary pose to draw without fear of any movement whatsoever. Sigh. Perhaps they will be a generation of no-neck. 

The great thing about working in pen is that you just get on with it. No rubbing out, just keep going. Very liberating. 

We spent a couple of hours in the cafe, looking out, before wandering around the building. A lovely day out. Just remember to book in advance. 

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