Monday, 5 October 2020

Autumn at BARA

I like to start the academic year with a bit of drawing, lest students have become a tad rusty during the break! Once we have that in the bag, the subjects are as seasonal as possible - which is always a treat in the autumn. I have a particular favourite hedge beside the sea, which has an incredible crop of rose hips - a gorgeous subject, particularly once the excess leaves are trimmed, revealing the plump hips. Currently, Covid-19 is still lurking, so to help socially distancing in the studio, I make a (silent!) demonstration movie for each week. Some studenst attend using Zoom, so the video is great for that, and it also provides a great reference tool for students afterwards too. Here is the demo for painting rose hips: Below - a lovely coloured pencil study by Liz McM, who joined the class via Zoom.
Below - more lovely student examples, using water colour.
Weekly classes are running all through autumn, with availability on a couple of classes. For info email All classes are available in-studio (socially distanced) as well as on Zoom.