Friday, 28 September 2018

The start of a new term at BARA - pastels, charcoal and water colours!

It's always an interesting challenge to decide what to give students at the beginning of the Autumn term. Some are new to the class, and some are returning but feeling rusty after perhaps not doing any drawing or painting all summer.

Ann, Natasha, Fernando, Ben and Clive working hard at the drawing boards. 
A useful start to a fresh block of classes is to work in black and white, and pastels are a great way to cover the whole page relatively quickly. It also requires that students use their whole arm to draw, working large, which is kinder (as a warm-up session) than working too intensely with pencil. Working very small can make us feel more tense, and tension isn't good for our creativity!

Catherine, Liz, Jackie, Hilary, Carolyn and Glynis (all looking happy!!) showing their lovely drawings!

This was Angela's first class - great drawing!

Catherine, also her first class, doing really well with the pastels. 
Upcoming classes in October - Oils, Friday Night Life Drawing, Portrait workshop and Children's art. For info email 

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