Sunday, 2 February 2014

Stunning Six-Packs, Chalk pastel

Recently I raided the nearest shop display retailer and stocked up on some burly fellows for drawing. Well, bits of burly fellows. 

Sarah M

Anne H - who told her husband she was drawing her perception of him..  aw!

My students rather loved them.. Their drawings are astonishingly good, and I'm really proud of them.
Here are a few examples, in Compressed Charcoal, size A2 on tinted sugar paper.

by Joanna D

By Pat F, a wonderful drawing. 

Tomas R. (clearly, a self portrait..) 
Of course, the temptation to 'wear' the drawings was too great to resist, though (ahem)  I DID try to discourage such frivolity, for gooodness SAKE...!! Here's Carolyn looking very fit (her partner was a little worried that next week she'd be drawing the 'lower half', as Carolyn 'neglected' to mention to him that the model was plastic..

Admittedly, some of them were an astonishly good fit - as Ruth discovered, much to her embarrassment! 

Jeremy, being gorgeous. 

The star of the show was Kathy, who more than amazed herself with her drawing, below. At one point she announced that her man was 'lacking in muscle tone' ( how very worrying), but she soldiered on, with fabulous results. Kathy has only been attending the class, as a complete beginner, for a few weeks.
Kathy L

The chalks used were 'Jakar' Compressed charcoal, which looks like this:

Up and coming - weekend workshops in portrait drawing, oils and drawing. 
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