Friday, 3 January 2014

Kids Day In

One of the (many) wonderful things about children and drawing is their willingness to do it. The younger they are, the more enthusiasm they have. This sometimes begins to wane from about the age of 9, but that is more to do with their own self perception and self criticism (aw) and NEVER about ability, for they (and WE) are all Well Able. 

The cure for re-establishing enthusiasm is Praise, Encouragement and Appreciation of their efforts. If we can keep these three things going, self confidence gets a peep in the door, and the child will blossom once more. And let's face it, it's the Blossoming that we're after here. 

What is also interesting to watch is each individual childs own progression. I don't teach children very often and this handsome young man (above, in his Christmas jumper) hadn't been for about a year. Then he was 6. Now he is 7.. What a difference that has made to his artwork! He drew with real care and attention to detail and was focused and interested for the entire class. Awesome!

The other thing that children do is... LISTEN. Who'd have thought?? One young lady who attends as regularly as possible, went home after her first class and proceeded to explain in great detail to her grandmother (who is a long term, advanced student of mine) exactly how to observe, and how to apply paint... So even when the finished artwork may not SEEM to be the masterpeice you expected, it's just because the hand takes a while to catch up with the brain. They listen and absorb like sponges. 

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