Sunday, 1 September 2013

Portrait Painting in Oils in New York #1...

New York was amAZing..!! In fact, I crammed in so much that it's taking me a while to gather myself.
I was there to attend a portrait painting masterclass - I learnt so much, from the tutors as well as the other students. Everyone was friendly, open and generous and I've been practicing since I got home. Because practice makes perfect..

I met up with my friend Jode, who travelled from Niagara Falls to join me on the course.

First stop, after walking through Broadway, obviously, was the Art store to stock up on supplies. Well, I could've spent a week in there. I've never seen so many brushes in my life.

 On Monday morning we headed to the Grand Central Academy, to the black-walled studio. The atmosphere was quiet and expectant. The first day was Drawing, and after that we painted, with a new model each day.

The studio on day two, with Ted Minoff (seated) demonstrating. As you can see, we made a big mess, and even though the room was large, when we all gather around one model, there's not much elbow room! My painting is second from the left. More in the next post.

Upcoming - I resume the weekly classes soon, Drawing and Painting in Belfast. For details email

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