Saturday, 7 July 2012

Creativity and Contribution, in many forms.. Fish and Chips..

Recently a student reached into her art-bag for some materials and brought out some... knitting. When I asked what she was knitting, she said it was an outfit for the Fish and Chip Babies - babies orphaned at birth in Africa who are wrapped in newspaper as they have nothing else to clothe them. From what I have found on the internet, I think the knitting began in New Zealand a couple of years ago and has spread around the world, people sharing the very simple pattern to knit a small all-in-one garment for the babies.

She sent me the pattern and I got to it - it knits up very quickly and you should get two out of one ball of wool.

My first little knit for quite a while. Delicious.  

If you would like to knit one, here is the pattern. It is very easy. You are asked not to use white or baby pastels as they will probably not be washed.

  • 8 Ply Yarn (double knitting)
  • 5mm needles (tight knitters) or 4.5mm needles (loose knitters)
  • Cast on 44 stitches
  • Work 18 Rows in K2, P2 rib
  • Work 30 Rows stocking stitch (1 row plain, 1 row purl)
  • Cast on 12 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows and at the same time change to K2, P2 (for sleeve)
  • Rib 22 more rows.
  • Next row: Rib 21, cast off 26 stitches, rib 21
  • Next row: Rib 21, cast on 26 stitches, rib 21
  • Work 22 rows in K2, P2 rib
  • Cast off 12 stiches at beginning of next 2 rows
  • Work 30 rows stocking stitch
  • Work 18 rows, K2, P2 rib
  • Cast off
I discovered that the local wool shops are happy to recieve these as missionaries call in to collect them at regular intervals. 

If your local shop doesn't do this, the address to send it to is: 

c/o Foto First,
180 Murchison Street,
Ladysmith 3370,
South Africa


Mowbray Maternity Hospital
12 Hornsey Road
Cape Town
South Africa

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