Thursday, 5 April 2012

Portfolio drawing, Belfast

Well, I think I may have Seen It All now. This week I have had Tina, a student from Wicklow with me, working for her art portfolio. She has been joined on and off by my weekly students (including Kathy, visiting from America, via Aberdeen), doing their water colours. The conversation round the desk has been, she says, an Education..!! Yes, it's not just about art, is it ladies?!

Today she was looking for unusual viewpoints for her drawings, and eventually I found her... here.

When she came downstairs later, she sheepishly admitted that it was so comfy in there that she'd fallen asleep! Admittedly, this is after 4 long days and evenings working hard, including an evening spent drawing an orchestra rehearsal in St Anne's Cathedral. Really good fun.

It's hard work doing the intensive portfolio course, it's a bit of a lock-in, with the odd walk on the (delicious) shore for fresh air and photos, before getting back to the drawing board. 

And the word-of-the-week has been Unbelievable. It's lovely when a student is so enthusiastic that everything is a thumbs-up unbeLIEVable.. 

Next up - art for teenagers, drawing for GCSE and A level, and Water Colour Workshop.
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