Monday, 2 May 2011

May, Colour Pencil on Bristol Board

This drawing is from a veeeeeery long time ago, and I'm posting it because its May Day. It was part of a college project I did in 1985 (before I was born...) for a calendar and all the illustrations were self portraits. I had fun doing it, and I have a vague memory of borrowing a fluffy white beard for December...

The link with the month of May is the ribbons, and the tradition of dancing around the Maypole. I have a strong image in my mind of seeing this happening in Holywood, Co Down, when I was small, but whether I really saw it or just visualised it from my Grandmothers description, I don't know. But the drawing launched my Illustration Career almost as soon as it was complete, so it holds a warm place in my heart. Just like the May Pole, and Holywood.

Next Up: One day - Painting trees on Location (yummy)
One day - Portrait Drawing
 Weekly Drawing and Water Colour classes resume, Belfast
Monthly Monday, Killaloe Co Clare    
 New Distance Learning course starting soon.
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BIG NOTE.... I really love teaching. Not everyone can say that. If I can help you in any way it would be an honour to do that. Just ask me a question. But I know that you will not learn anything by copying my work. Not a thing. So please do not do it. Don't print out my images, don't try to draw them, for the copyright is mine and you don't have my permission to do it. Thank you. Rest assured I will never, ever try to copy anything that you have created. 

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